Fluffy Lactose Free Cornmeal Cake, Made in the Blender

2 cups of cornmeal
2 cups of wheat flour
1 cup (tea) and 1/2 of sugar
1 tablespoon of chemical baking powder
1 pinch of salt
3 eggs
1 cup (tea) of oil
5 tablespoons lactose-free powdered milk
2 cups (tea) of water


Preheat the oven (maximum) while you start cooking.
Put the powdered milk, water, oil and eggs in a blender and beat well to mix.
Turn off the blender, add the sugar, cornmeal, wheat flour and salt. Turn on the blender and blend again until smooth.
Turn off the blender and add the yeast. Turn on the blender and blend quickly until blended.
Grease the 24 cm round cake tin with a hole in the middle only with margarine (without flour).
Pour the mixture into the form.
Take the mixture to the preheated oven and adjust the oven temperature between 160ºC (electric) to 180ºC (gas).
Bake for about 35 minutes, see if the cake is golden and if the fork comes out without “dirty”, indicating that it is baked inside.

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