Bagged Steak Recipe

3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon minced sage
1 tablespoon of crushed garlic
Pepperoni pepper to taste
7 rump steaks
as much mayonnaise
salt to taste
7 slices of bologna
7 sprigs of green spice
Small potatoes enough.

Wash and cook the potatoes with the skin and set aside.
Remove the leaves from the green seasoning and set aside. Now remove the smaller stems leaving only the main one, which will be used for tying.
In a bowl place the olive oil, sage, garlic and pepper and mix well. Reserve.
Take each rump steak and place between 2 plastic bags.
With a whisk, beat to make the meat thinner. Repeat the same procedure with the other steaks.
Sprinkle salt over the steaks to taste and spread the mixture reserved above over them. Arrange the 7 slices of bologna over the seasoned meat, place a teaspoon of mayonnaise in the center.
Gather the edges forming a bag and tie with the green seasoning stem.
Arrange the steaks in a greased refractory, drizzle with the rest of the mixture.
Distribute the potatoes
Take to medium oven (180º), preheated until golden.
Remove, decorate with green seasoning leaves.
Serve immediately.

Serve with white rice and green salad.

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