3 Fish Stew Recipe

3 types of fish
3 potatoes
3 tomatoes
8 minced garlic cloves`3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 packets of seasoning
1 bay leaf
3 glasses of dry white wine
2 glasses of water
1 pinch of salt
If you have, using an iron or clay pot can be done with a normal pot, as long as it is deep

Take the pan, line the bottom with a layer of potato, some of the chopped garlic, a layer of tomato covering the potatoes and garlic, a layer of fish
Cover all the tomatoes and another layer of potatoes covering all the fish and repeat until the ingredients are used up.
Lastly, add a layer of tomato.
Place in medium to high oven
The pan cannot have a handle to go in the oven
Add the wine and water and let it cook.
When it is almost cooked, add the sazón, the bay leaf and the salt.
Distribute in the corners of the pan without messing with the assembly of the fish
Finally, add the oil to flavor, let it boil a little and it’s ready.

Additional Information
To accompany, take the French bread, butter it and put garlic powder.
Place to brown in the oven and accompany the stew or bread of your choice, not forgetting a glass of white wine.

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